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The price quoted is valid for 30 days from date of quote and may be varied if delivery time is outside this time period even if order is placed prior

It is the customer’s responsibility to supply all information, including but not limited to plans, dimensions, window schedule, structural plans and loading requirements to CRT 14 days prior to manufacture. All information should be given in writing. CRT takes no responsibility for instructions given verbally. A fee will be charged if CRT is required to go to site to access information

CRT reserves the right to reject plans that are not of a sufficient standard for enough information to be gained from them to design the required product. Production of a quote does not mean plans are adequate for construction

Account customers; Terms are strictly as per signed account application forms

Non-Account customers; a deposit of 50% of the quoted price is required on order confirmation along with signed confirmation. The balance is required 3 days prior to delivery

Back charges will not be accepted unless they are approved by CRT in writing (including by email) prior to the work being carried out

Truss certificates will not be released if the trading account is in arrears or if the job to which the certificate relates to has not been paid for

All deliveries will be made to the closest safe unloading location to the site. Where the delivery cannot be affected for any reason, CRT reserve the right to a) drop the goods as close to the site as conditions permit, or b) return goods to the factory. A second delivery charge will apply

CRT reserves the right not to enter the site if we judge the site to be unsafe or too wet. In this circumstance the above conditions will apply

The customer or his agent will meet the delivery driver on site and sign off the delivery docket as complete. Where the customer does not meet the driver the customer accepts the delivery as complete. If the customer requires the load to be placed on any structure they must be onsite to certify that the structure is safe to accept the load. CRT has the final discretion as to the location and method of unloading

Where unloading cannot be completed in reasonable time (approximately 20 min) including when waiting for onsite tradesman or crane a charge of $50 per 15 minutes will apply. Recovery costs will be charged to the customer where the truck gets bogged or becomes incapacitated due to site conditions

The customers accepts responsibility for the goods immediately they are delivered

All structural designs will be done to N2 wind classification unless otherwise specified. Increasing design win speed after the quote could incur a higher charge

No allowance has been made for the trusses to support any air condition or water heating plant. If the customer requires them to do so full details be supplied prior to manufacture. A charge extra to the to the quote may be incurred

Any design alterations requested after manufacture will be charged to the customer

All products supplied by CRT should be installed by qualified, experienced trades people. Details and information supplied by CRT with the job reflect this. No claim will be indorsed where the customer or his agent does not understand normal trade practice and the relevant standards and BCA

The customer must ensure all people working on CRT products are aware of all relevant safety requirements for working at heights and manual handling. Special attention is drawn to the code of practice ‘safe working on roofs’ and ‘manual handling’. The customer must obtain his own OH&S advice, and indemnifies CRT for any lack of knowledge or ability as such

CRT accept no responsibility for the installation of goods supplied

Goods are supplied with relevant detail to fulfill accepted construction practices in the ACT. Any further details required including Cp.eng certification and bracing designs will be supplied at extra cost

All goods supplied comply with AS1684, where the customer requires otherwise, details must be given before manufacture

All work quoted is considered to be bushfire category LOW as described by AS3959-1999 unless specifically stated on quote

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