CRT Building Products has been manufacturing building materials in Canberra since 1964. 2019 marked our 55th anniversary. Over this time, CRT Building Products has developed the reputation of being the leading supplier of timber wall frames and roof trusses to the building industry throughout the ACT and surrounding region.



Timber roof trusses are undoubtedly the fastest, most cost - effective way to construct any roof with a span of less than twenty meters, compared to structural steel options. 


Wall Frames

CRT Building Products manufactures it's timber wall frames from only the best quality components sourced from the most reputable suppliers. 

Posi Struts are parallel chord trusses manufactured from timber chords and metal webs. They are the ultimate choice for floor joists and low profile, long span roof rafters.


CRT Building Products' expert detailers will design the most cost-effective solution for your floor, draw a detailed layout and pre-cut all the components so it just has to be nailed together on site.