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Steeline is a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial sheds, garages and carports. 

Our sheds are made right here in Australia from Bluescope steel, giving you the highest quality and the option of complete customisation. Available in a variety styles and in the full range of Colorbond® contemporary and classic colours, our flexible shed designs provide you with flexible storage solutions with a look that you’ll love.

Our knowledgeable and experienced team can guide you through the design process and provide you with a high quality Steeline structure that exceeds all expectations. 

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What ShedSafe means for you...

Being a ShedSafe Accredited supplier means your shed will meet the industry standard for Australian manufactured steel sheds.


The ShedSafe assurance means that we have undergone a review by an independent third party to ensure all engineering principles, plans and structural calculations used have met the ShedSafe criteria, our shed designs are in accordance with the Australian Steel Institute and that we are able to provide suitable recommendations for site location and use of your new shed. 

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