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Introducing UNICOTE® LUX Now available at Steeline Canberra

Steeline Canberra are thrilled to announce that we are now offering UniCote®️LUX as an option on our Flashings and cladding profiles.

This luxury pre-painted steel product has been designed with high-end Australian Architecture in mind. This highly durable product has performed up to Australian standards after rigorous testing for fire, scratch, impact, QUV, humidity, bend and salt spray resistance, proving it can withstand the harsh Australian climate.

The product utilises ‘hot dipped aluminum/ Zinc, magnesium alloy coated substrate, combined with state of the art organic coating systems’. The result is an extremely durable, patterned paint system, providing superior colour and gloss retention relative to standard paint systems and built to resist UV damage from Australia’s harsh sun. (Unicote®️, 2021)

This pre-painted steel product offers a unique range of modern patterned and texture steel finishes, as a result of the worlds best coil coating technology. Steeline Canberra is excited to provide the Canberra construction and design industry access to the Ash Wood, Silver Quartz, Zinc Graphic, Weathered Iron, Corten Red and Metal Stone finishes.

UniCote®️ Luxe is available at Steeline Canberra now. Pop in store or give our team a call and discuss how you can use UniCote Lux®️ in your next build or renovation.


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