Steel wall frames and roof trusses

Affordable, Innovative Steel frame and Truss technology means pricing is competitive with other quality systems.

Architectural flexibility, steels structural strength allows for greater spans, perfect for today’s wide open living spaces.

Backed with a 50yr warranty (conditions apply) accompanies all Trucore® G550 high tensile steel used is all Austeel Frames and Truss Building System.

Steel framing is 100% recyclable and is made from a minimum of 30% recycled material.

Fast and easy to work with, Steel framing is exceptionally quick to erect. Pre-fabrication and modern fixing techniques make construction simple. All service holes are pre-punched for electrical and plumbing needs.

Long life and shrinkage free Steel framing does not shrink or settle over time which means no sticking doors or window jambs. Cracking cornices are eliminated and ceilings and walls stay straight. Naturally termite free, steel is also free from the toxic chemical treatments used to protect other framing systems.